Kelvin Lee (USA)

Composition | Suite of Kairos

Instrumentation | For Orchestra, Piano and Electronics

@kelvinleemusic_composer | @_kairosfilm


Kelvin Lee is a US based media composer and orchestrator, specialized music composition for different kind of media, Such as Film/TV, Theatre work, Dance performance, video games and others.  Kelvin received his Bachelor Degree in Music Composition and Electronic Music From The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts. The school provided the unique learning environment, letting him collaborate with different artists , like Filmmaker, lighting designer, choreographer,theatre director etc. This experience led him to The Columbia College Chicago, Music Composition For Screen graduate program. At the same year, he became the recipient of The CASH Music Scholarship for Overseas Studies 2021/2022 and The Graduate Award by the college.

Programme Notes

The film, ‘Kairos’ is a movie about making the right choice at the right moment. At the movie, the director,Jean Ho, was trying to discuss what is the suitable choice in different circumstances. As a film composer, my first job is find the unique tone for the movie while using music to letting audience to understand the storyline. For fulfilling those main two points, I tried to blend traditional western orchestral music and electronic elements to enhancing the sci-fi and heart-felt feeling.