Yuhan Zhou (China)

Composition | Dear Deer, in the Deep of the Woods

Instrumentation | Piano and Electronics




A Chinese born, Toronto based composer, pianist and producer, Yuhan creates concert music and scores for film. Yuhan has released a number of recording projects and has composed music for Canadian ensembles. Her piece, “The Not-yet” is the winning prize of the 2022 Piano Trio Composition Competition at UofT led by Canadian ensemble, the Bedford Trio, which is premiered at 2023 New Music Festival. She is recently the composer-in-residency at University of Toronto Chamber Choir. Yuhan’s concert music has been showcased in performances across East Asia as well as North America. Yuhan is a highly enthusiastic music composer who specializes in creating soundtracks for visual media. Her portfolio includes a diverse range of projects such as animated productions, independent films, and advertisements. She recently scores music for 2021 HULU’s id Artists showcase advertisement. Yuhan composed the soundtrack for the film "Oop", which was recognized with the innovation award at the Ottawa Big Jump. In 2019, she had the pleasure of scoring music for the award-winning animated film "Gamble", which won the Best Animation category at the Forest City Film Festival and was an official selection at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Woodstock Film Festival. In the beginning of 2021, Yuhan started her role as a music producer and team lead at the headquarters of TIKTOK's parent company, ByteDance, in Beijing. She is responsible for overseeing the production of hundred of children's English songs and conducting interviews with other team members. Her outstanding work in this role earned her a spot bonus, which was the only bonus given among the 12 teams. Yuhan is currently pursuing a doctorate in composition under the guidance of Christos Hatzis and Gary Kulesha, and also studying orchestral conducting with Uri Mayer. She arrived in Canada in 2016 and engaged the film music and concert music field at that time.

Programme Notes

"When in deep forests one spots a deer, and when in blue seas one sees a whale. When I wake from my dreams, I see you. But in misty forests and stormy seas, when dreams continue into the night, I see neither deer nor whale, nor you."